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Get Fit For Life!
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Do You Want to Lose Weight ... To Tone Your Body ... To Build Strength & Flexibility

Are You Ready to Change Your Life? To Stretch Your Limits? To Reach for Your Goals?

To Improve Your Overall Health and Appearance?

To Feel Strong, Energized and GREAT Every Day?

As a competitive athlete for over 25 years, I have learned to push myself to my limits and beyond. As a person, I pushed myself from my original professions of law, and then of fundraising, to follow my passion for exercise, health, wellness, and life!  This afforded me the opportunity to help others become passionate about their health and their lives, to get fit for life!

Working together, in the privacy of your home, at your office, gym, or in the great outdoors, I will assess your current fitness level, ascertain your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle goals, create an individually-tailored program, focused to help you achieve your weight loss, toning, strength and wellness goals.

No matter what you did before, no matter how old you are now, no matter how "out-of-shape" you feel, YOU have the ability to make a change, to feel better, to look better, to eat and drink more healthfully, to be healthier, to build a better life for yourself. YOU have the potential to be the best YOU you can be.

Every day is a new adventure, and I look forward to traveling the road with you to a stronger, leaner, lighter, more fit, healthier, better life!

Ruth, on the flying trapeze

Dream Your Dream, Pursue Your Dream, Live Your Dream!

Ruth Sacks Marlin, Certified Personal Trainer     Ruth Fitness ... Get Fit For Life!
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