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I have been a client of Ruth Fitness for over 8 years, and I couldn't imagine starting my days without it.  I turned to Ruth as a last resort; I had tried working out on my own, and in numerous slick Manhattan gyms.  Nothing worked -- mostly because I always felt like my program came from the grill at McDonalds ... one size fits most and nothing ever seemed to change unless I begged for it. From the moment Ruth started with a thorough evaluation of my 
 condition, strength and flexibility, I knew this would be different from anything I'd ever experienced.  Every aspect of your relationship with Ruth is personal -- she has always treated me like I am her only client, whether it was one month into my training or 10 years into it. Every day is a different workout, and I am never, never bored. I have lost 20 pounds, and I am in the best condition I have been in since I was 25. For my money, Ruth Sacks Marlin is irreplaceable. JG, male, age 50

I have been a client of Ruth Fitness for over a year.  Initially, I was just interested in losing weight.  Over time, I realized what I really wanted and needed was to be more fit and to feel and look better in my own skin.  Working with Ruth has definitely helped me achieve my goals.  I've lost the weight, and dropped a few sizes.  But more, I rediscovered the flexibility, balance and strength of my younger self.  Ruth's approach is perfect for me; she pushes me further than I would ever push myself on my own.  I look forward to our sessions -- Ruth creates special workouts just for me, different each day, which are always really challenging! Ruth's experience, energy and positive attitude make her a GREAT trainer! Adena Long

When I started with Ruth Fitness, my goals were to lose 15 lbs. and to flatten my stomach in four months. After only 1 month of working out with Ruth, I lost 10 lbs. and 1 full inch in my abdominal area! Ruth helped me get started and get focused on making changes to my nutritional habits, on incorporating more cardio into my daily activities, and on engaging in resistance training to achieve my strength and toning goals. Maureen Connolly

I have been training with Ruth for two years and it has been a total pleasure. Over the years, I have worked with many trainers and can honestly say that Ruth is second to none. I am particularly impressed by two aspects of working with her: she is always prepared with a unique and tailored workout for me that feels customized for my specific needs and she is always attuned to my specific condition on any given morning so that she adjusts the workout to suit my mood/needs. I cannot overstate how much this preparation, awareness and flexibility adds to my workout experience. As we all know, it's easy to talk ourselves out of any workout, but with Ruth I always look forward to the workout because I know it will suit me and it will make me feel better all day. I highly commend Ruth for her diligence and recommend her to anyone looking for a friendly and positive training experience. 
Richard A. Marin, CEO of Liw Emissions Resources Corp., former CEO of New York Wheel, Deutsche Asset Management, Bear Stearns Asset Management, Bankers Trust Global Private Banking and Former Clinical Professor of Finance at Cornell University

When I started working with Ruth over three years ago, I was out of shape, tired and looking for positive motivation. After my first meeting with her I left feeling positive, motivated and sure that I was able to accomplish my goals. Not only is Ruth a phenomenal physical trainer, she is also an incredible motivator. Her calm demeanor, constant reassurance and endless positivity makes her challenging workouts easier than I could have ever imagined myself doing! Liza Ferri

Since starting workouts with Ruth, my body feels better, my energy is up. I actually look forward to my workout! Thank you Ruth for helping me to feel like myself again. Lillian Lagazzo

With Ruth's program, I lost 16 lbs. in 3 months. I toned up and dropped 2 dress sizes!!!  I felt and looked great, and fit into the dress of my dreams for my son's wedding. More importantly, with Ruth's guidance and support, I have boosted my endurance level and my self-confidence, and started on a consistent path of lifelong fitness. I would recommend Ruth Sacks Marlin to anyone! Patricia Morrison-Sasso, APRN-BC

I began an exercise program at Memorial Sloan Kettering
while being treated for Stage II breast cancer. I was also a long-time diabetes patient. In dire need to continue my exercise routine, I was truly fortunate to discover Ruth Sacks Marlin who was very sensitive to my medical situation. Ruth inspires me to continue my physical and mental transformation to a healthier lifestyle. Amazingly, at age 63, I actually completed 10 jumping jacks -- it had been over 40 years since I tried to do those! I can't say enough about Ruth's patience and her determination to help me achieve my goals and aspirations. Doreen O'Leary

When I first started training with Ruth, my only goal was to be able to run from the subway to the ferry doors without collapsing. I had never been athletic, never participated in sports and as busy professional, I didn't see this changing. I don't know how she did it, but somehow Ruth converted me. The diverse and (believe it or not) fun routines we did challenged me; I started to go home and show-off to my spouse and my friends. I started to think about muscles I never knew I had. Most importantly, I started thinking of myself as someone "in training", someone who was "an athlete", someone who considered fitness as a regular part of their life. There are a lot of trainers out there who can push your body hard. But unless you believe in yourself, and believe in what you can do if you try, unless you can train your head and your heart along with your body, you are only getting half of the training you need. Ruth has been that unique and complete trainer for me. Leslie Brown, Exec. Dir. Financial Operations, NYU/Steinhardt

I started working out with RuthFitness in order to regain my strength, toning and conditioning, which had been sorely missing since my daughter was born. Ruth's creativity and flexibility are amazing. We workout in the gym, at my home, or in the playground, when I don't have a babysitter. I feel great after my workout and love that my daughter sees how important it is to exercise. Sarah Baxter, 29

I have been overweight for the majority of my life. I have always thought it was food that was the cause. I would go on diets and workout to supplement the diet. Once I lost the weight, I would stop working out and would go back to my poor eating habits. After about 30 years of this, I figured that I needed a new approach. 

My husband loves to ride bikes and he has been talking a lot about bike vacations. It sounded like fun, but I knew that I was in no shape to complete anything like this. I searched the Internet for a personal trainer, and Ruth sent me an audio file of when she appeared on a radio show about fitness. I like what she had to say and that she had worked with middle-age folks. When we met, I liked that Ruth was in shape, that she was not intimidating, that she was not intimidated by me. We set goals at first and we revisit them and adjust as needed.  I took that bike vacation with my husband, and it challenged me, but did not overwhelm me. And yes, I have dropped pounds and inches! In the past I made that my focus. With Ruth's help, I am making continuing activity and fun and staying healthy and fit my goals and my focus. Dot DeAngelo. 

I worked with Ruth for a few months, and then got incredibly busy at work. After a one-year hiatus, I decided to go back to
Ruth Fitness because I found that Ruth pushes me to work harder, lift more weights, with less rest, than I  do on my own. Ruth's workouts are specialized for me and different every day, and she challenges me to push myself even when I'm stressed at work, or tired, or both, in order to attain my strength, fitness and weight loss goals. Amy O'Dowd, 50s

Since engaging Ruth Sacks Marlin as my personal trainer, I feel so much stronger and have so much more energy. I have noticed so many other changes that I can attribute to training with Ruth. I go days without turning on the television. I am even on my laptop less. The mindless non-moving activities are no longer needed. Comforting myself with food is no longer necessary. D.D.

The famous ad campaign says, "Just Do It". That's right, but it's just not easy to start or keep it going! I valued Ruth's getting to know my goals up front and tailoring my workouts to help me achieve them. It was encouraging to learn how to do an exercise properly and to have Ruth modify others until I was strong enough push them harder. Her good-natured drive and energy to succeed (not to mention her showing up at my door) got me going and got me results. I've moved from the nagging thought that I should "just do it" to "Wahoo -- I AM doing it!" Guess I'm not one of those folks who can achieve their exercise goals on their own; but, i was smart enough to find Ruth, a great resource to help me. Thank you, Ruth, for turning my goals into a reality! (P.S. My husband thanks you too!) Irene Gryziec

After 5 months of being sidelined with a painful injury from a bad fall while on a morning run, I was able to run 1 mile today without pain. I can only thank Ruth for this. I was told no running by my doctor, so I began a program with Ruth to build my strength and flexibility to keep me healthy. Ruth has not only been a terrific trainer but a caring human being with only my interests at heart. All of our workouts are for my benefit only. I may be back to road racing, but I am not stopping my training program with Ruth. Without her I never could have gotten through this. Donna Johnson

For the first time in my 64 years, I look forward to working out. Because it's not work! Ruth makes it fun and different every session. We talk and I somehow find myself doing things I could never do before, and enjoy doing them! "I enjoy working out" is not a sentence I've ever uttered before, but it's part of my vocabulary now. Unfortunately, I'm moving out of state and don't know how I'll get by without Ruth to encourage me, help me, and altogether improve my life. Beth Abott

Ruth Sacks Marlin, Certified Personal Trainer Ruth Fitness ... Get Fit For Life!

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